Heter Iska Klali

Hypotec Inc. Has A Heter Iska That Is Permitted By Prominent Leading Halachic Authorities. For Any Mortgage Loan Made To You By Hypotec Inc., Including All Other Mortgage Loan Documents That May Violate The Laws Of Ribbis, The Mortgage Loan Will Be Arranged As An Investment. In Exchange For The Mortgage Funds, You Will Manage Your Real Estate And Other Halachically Permissible Investments In The Way Most Beneficial To Hypotec Inc., And Hypotec Inc. Will Share Any Profits And Losses From The Investment. Hypotec Inc. Will Have No Liability Above The Actual Funds Advanced Under Any Circumstances. If You Make All Of Your Payments As Conditioned In The Note, Then The Iska Terminates And All Profits And Losses May Be Retained By You. Should Hypotec Inc. Sell The Mortgage Loan To A Party Not Subject To The Laws Of Ribbis, The Iska Will Also Terminate.